sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

Auction5 sample web application released

I'm very proud to announce that Auction5, a sample web application built under Demoiselle Framework [1] has just been released to the public. Its complete documentation including source codes retrieval and deployment instructions can be found here: [2].

Auction5 is a MVC-structured application that exemplifies an online auction system using Demoiselle Framework and related technologies. Its main goal is to provide a complete transactional application based on JavaServer Faces (JSF 1.2 [3]) and Java Persistence API (JPA 1.0 [4]) specifications.

Moreover, the sample assembles several top computing technologies such as Java EE, Maven, JBoss Application Server, Apache Tomcat, and PostgreSQL DBMS.

Please send me your comments and or suggestions.

[1] Demoiselle Framework
[2] Auction5 Application Sample
[3] JavaServer Faces 1.2
[4] Java Persistence API 1.0